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Attn: MCAR Health Care Recipients
Just as a reminder to all staff currently enrolled in MCARs health insurance plan, please send all medical bills to Fringe Benefit Services for the HRA to assist with the payment of them. An HRA is an employer-funded medical reimbursement fund, and it can provide significant savings to employees for their medical bills. Fringe Benefit Services suggests that even if the employee has not met the plans deductible, please send a copy of the bill and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to them so that they are able to keep a record.
Below is a summary of the steps to send medical bills and the corresponding EOB to Fringe Benefit Services. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this information.

1. Fill out HRA form
2. Attach Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from insurance company
3. Attach corresponding bill
4. Mail, fax, or email to Laura Walter at Fringe Benefit Services
Lori Walter
Fringe Benefit Services
79 East Connelly Boulevard
PO Box 670
Sharon PA 16146

Fax 724-981-1055
Email LWalter@FringeBenefitServices.com
5. You will receive an explanation of payment from Fringe Benefit Services, and it will list if any portion of the bill is your responsibility and when the bill was paid.

Click Here for the Claim Form to be submitted.

Lyndsey Vogan

*** 6/20/2016 JOB POSTING 6/27/2016 ***
Closing Date: Monday, June 27, 2016

Available: Immediately

321 Fredrick
B Shift

*** 6/21/2016 JOB POSTING 6/28/2016 ***
Closing Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Available: Immediately


1604 Highland

B Shift

June 2016 Residential CPR/First Aid In-Service Training will be on the following dates & at the location listed below.
Monday, 06/27/2016
9am to 4pm
Covenant Presbyterian Church - In the Basement
263 East State St., Sharon Pa

Thursday, 06/30/2016
9am to 4pm
Covenant Presbyterian Church - In the Basement
263 East State St., Sharon Pa

If you are scheduled to attend & you do not show up for this mandatory training you will be disciplined & possibility taken off the work schedule.
You are to attend the session you have been assigned to, the only reason staff that will be permitted to switch groups is b/c of vacation, sick time or switch of shift.
Please be aware not all staff will be scheduled to attend this training b/c we have 3 CPR/First Aid Training sessions a year.

Any questions or concerns please contact Dave Bodien - 724-981-2950 x250 or dbodien@mercerarc.org.

Directions to Linden Pointe for Trainings
Please click below to view directions to Linden Pointe if you need to attend a training or meeting there. (You must have adobe reader)

Click Here to visit directions to Linden Pointe.

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